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  • Tuesday October 24 at 10:00 am “Going Back in Time”

    Did you know that The Charthouse Restaurant is on the Jacksonville Historical Society’s 2017 Endangered List? Check it out! http://www.jaxhistory.org/jhs-announces-2017-list-areas-endangered-properties/

    Our Historical Society was founded in 1929 to preserve our city’s history by collecting documents, photos and artifacts. As they got more organized, they started rescuing buildings too. ‘The St Luke’s Hospital, constructed in 1878, played a prominent role in caring for Jacksonville’s citizens stricken by the yellow fever epidemic in 1888, the typhoid epidemic ten years later and the Great Fire of 1901'. Eventually this hospital building and the adjacent Florida Casket Co. were purchased. Don’t you wonder why they put the casket company next door?? Anyway, they went on to purchase and restore the Old St Andrew’s Church and The Merrill House, with help from the city and the Weaver Foundation, as the new football and baseball stadiums were erected in that area. These are fabulous resources for anyone interested in the history of Jacksonville.

    At our October 24 meeting, Emily Lisska, Executive Director of the Jacksonville Historical Society, will share her knowledge of our city’s past and talk about why local history is so important in shaping our future. With so many Americans trying to change our history by taking down monuments and statues, it is important to remember and protect our heritage here in Jacksonville.

    Plan to stay for lunch after the meeting to meet new friends and talk about how you might be able to participate in some of the Historical Society’s projects.

    Save the Date:
    Wednesday Nov. 8, 10:00am - Field Trip to San Sebastian Winery, St. Augustine

  • Fabulous Outdoor Spaces

    It is finally September and we’re ready to go back outside. We have asked Jason Carter, from Stonecore+ on Philips Highway to give us ideas on creating outdoor spaces for our Deercreek porches and yards. You don’t need to settle for a plain cement slab for your BBQ grill! Stonecore has all the new hardscaping ideas and the materials to produce them: pavers, stone, fire pits, water features, outdoor kitchens, patio furniture and, my personal favorite – pergolas. After the permanent fixtures go in, you can wander through their extensive Garden Center to fill in foundation plantings, flower beds and pots with healthy, beautiful plants. They can even show you how to start your own ‘farm to table’ garden!

    Doesn’t that just make ideas start bouncing around in your head? Because most of us can’t separate out the good ideas from the unworkable, there are qualified people on staff who can help us! Just look through some of their ideas on the website www.stonecore.co (there is no m at the end), and then come to our meeting ready to ask questions.

    Many of us stay after the meeting to have lunch together, talk over the ideas, make new friends or catch up with old ones. Please plan to join us! If you have questions about the Home and Garden Club you can contact Carol D’Onofrio 519-0924 or Karen Rutland 219-4135, our Membership Chairs. If you are new to the neighborhood, come and check us out. We have been committed to helping beautify Deercreek since 1993 and are having fun doing it!

  • Post Featured Image

    Golden Acorn Award 2017: Mike Milkey

    The Home and Garden Club is pleased to announce Mike Milkey as the year 2017 Golden Acorn Award winner. Mike is a lifelong resident of Jacksonville and can be considered a lifelong resident of the Deercreek Country Club. Mike and Barbara purchased their lot and built the first home in the community in February 1990. They have had the wonderful opportunity of witnessing the growth of the community over the last 27 years.

    After several years in the United States Marine Corps and graduating from college, Mike spent four years working for the Florida Legislature. He left the world of politics in 1979 to start his career in surgical device sales, working for several Fortune 500 companies along the way. In 2001, Mike started his own successful medical device company - Florida Surgical Specialties, which is the exclusive distributor for many micro-surgical products. Their daughter, Michele was born and raised here and now attends Mercer Law School.

    Mike has been very active in “all things” Deercreek. He was instrumental on the transition team that worked with the original developers and interfaced with the country club. He has been involved in many community and club projects including, serving as the first President of the Deercreek Homeowners Association and Chairman of the Board of Governors for the Club. Mike sees himself as the “Head Cheerleader” for Deercreek Country Club and continues to be a big supporter of the club which he believes impacts our property values. One of Mike’s favorite stories about the club is where he compares it to Cheers - where everyone knows your name. He is often seen walking through the club introducing people and making them feel welcome as part of the Deercreek community. He is particularly proud that he and some others were instrumental in convincing Club Corp to invest over $1 million in the recent major renovation of the Clubhouse. As a result of his enthusiasm and involvement, you will hear fellow Club members affectionately refer to Mike as the “Mayor!” Thanks Mayor, for all you have done for Deercreek.

    Please join us at the luncheon and award presentation on Tuesday, August 22 noon, at the clubhouse. The luncheon is open to all residents and reservations must be made by August 18. Please call Cary Flynn at 619-4580 or email caryflynn.88@comcast.net for reservations.

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