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    Quoted from the Cookbook published by the Deercreek Home and Garden Club in 2002:

    When Deercreek was a new community, several women began to gather around their new kitchen tables to discuss homemaking issues: decorating, gardening, entertainment and recipes. As the group grew they started meeting at the Deercreek Country Club Clubhouse and in 1993 they formally organized the Home and Garden Club. The goal then, as it is now, was to meet their neighbors, learn the best ways to handle life in Northeast Florida and to enhance the Deercreek community.”

    That was 25 years ago. Those kitchens have probably been remodeled by now but the questions remain: How do I make new friends here? What can I plant that the deer won’t eat? What is your favorite place to eat? The restaurant suggestions may change but the others are still valid: Go to the Club for all the activities they offer and meet your neighbors! Join groups like the Home and Garden Club and the Women’s Alliance or a golf team or a tennis team or the Quilting Group! And plant snapdragons, Angelonia or Easter lilies! In the 24 years I’ve lived here, the deer have eaten my Crinum lilies, hybrid daylilies, Stargazer lilies and Oriental lilies, but never my Easter lilies!

    Since this is our 25th year, we will be looking at the rich history of this group of women who thought up creative ways to raise funds to pay for many, many projects around Deercreek. Come and be a part of this giving group when we begin meetings again in August. If you have been part of our history but wandered off, please come back. We can use your experience and knowledge. If you are looking for a place to find friends and help make Deercreek more beautiful, please join us. And I have a big long list of the plants the deer have eaten in my yard to show you…

  • Year in Review

    Our May 22 End of Year Luncheon and Installation of Officers may have ended the official year for the Home and Garden Club, as we don’t have meetings in June and July, but the Board and Committees are still working behind the scenes. Our new officers will be pondering the direction and content of our future meetings. A new Programs Committee is excited about putting together interesting topics for meetings and Field Trips. The Fashion Show Committee is working on a new theme and decorations. Our Gatehouse Committee keeps the window boxes and urns filled with flowers all year round. Go to our website to see all the names and jobs of our 2018-2019 Board. Maybe there is a committee you would like to help. http://www.deercreekcc.com/garden-club

    I always love the Year in Review Lists, don’t you? We started our year last August with the ‘Golden Acorn Award Luncheon’ honoring Mike Milkey for his service above and beyond in Deercreek. We had Stonecore come to show us how to create gorgeous outdoor spaces in Sept. Emily Lisska gave us a look back at the history of Jacksonville. We rented a bus to take the group on a Tour and Wine Tasting at the San Sebastian Winery in St. Augustine and then out to lunch in Nov. Phyllis Basford opened her home for our Christmas Open House and we put up new Holiday Lights at the entrance to Deercreek. In January we hosted another fun Game Day to raise money for our projects. We created tiny terrariums in February. March brought our bright and beautiful ‘Sugar and Spice’ Fashion Show with jars of candy everywhere- and some gorgeous fashions too! In April, Sen. Aaron Bean came to discuss some of the controversial work the State Senate is doing. And then – Poof - the year ended with our pretty luncheon to install the new Board and celebrate the old one.

     We will start up again in August so plan to come and check us out. Julie Howell is our new Membership Chair and would be happy to tell you all about us. Jhowell6@bellsouth.net

  • End of Year Luncheon and Installation of Officers

    On May 8 we will host our annual Appreciation Lunch for the hardworking crews who keep our neighborhood trimmed and tidy. You see the Connors team and the Golf Course maintenance guys out at all hours to keep us looking good. And we host a wonderful lunch each year to tell them Thank You.

    Then on May 24 we will have an End of the Year Luncheon to thank all the members of the Deercreek Home and Garden Club Board. This year we have enjoyed interesting programs, a great Field Trip to the San Sebastian Winery, Game Day and another fabulous Fashion Show. These events take many hands and lots of cooperation. Cary Flynn has been our President for 4 years and has done a fabulous job during her tenure. As her parting gift, she has supervised the purchase and installation of two more deer statues for the community.

    Next year’s Board will be installed at the luncheon: Pres – Sharon Coleman, VP – Catherine Wood, Treasurer – Julia Watkins & Secretaries - Paula Soehlig/Sandy Harrington. For a complete list of all the Committee Chairs go to www.deercreekcc.com and click on our Home and Garden Club link for information and photo albums.

    Please RSVP for the luncheon with Sharon Coleman sharoncoleman268@comcast.net or 904-314-7634. If you have questions about us, please call our Membership Chairs, Carol D’Onofrio 519-0924 or Karen Rutland 219-4135. We’ll be happy to meet you!

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