The Deercreek Home and Garden Club Gets Things Done!

In 2009-2010 projects included:

  • Contributing funds to the clubhouse for roses around its new gazebo
  • Contributing additional roses and landscaping to the entry
  • Placing more benches throughout Deercreek
  • Putting solar lighting on the front sign board
  • Buying a Powerpoint projector to enhance programs
  • Contributing funds to the Alliance Shamrock Scramble
  • Having a new deer in place for the holidays

Past and Continuing projects have included:

  • Presenting the annual Golden Acorn Award
  • Filling and maintaining the gatehouse flower boxes
  • Decorating the gatehouse for the holidays
  • Installing lighting at the gatehouse
  • Purchasing flags and poles at the clubhouse
  • Continuing the tree sale program
  • Maintaining the uplighting on the magnolia trees in the median
  • Presenting the Deercreek Views Awards
  • Lighting up the community with luminaries
  • Holding lively and informative meetings
  • Raising funds through luminary sales, an annual fashion show and other means to be able to continue beautification projects in Deercreek

Mission Statement

The mission of the Deercreek Home and Garden Club shall be to enhance the love and knowledge of gardening and the domestic arts, to contribute to the beauty of the Deercreek community, and to encourage environmental awareness and conservation of plants and wildlife.

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