Golden Acorn

Previous Golden Acorn Winners

Carmen Kelly 2021 Golden Acorn recipient

Deercreek resident Carmen Kelly has a passion for helping others in need—transporting those at-risk to receive vaccinations, assisting the elderly after surgery, translating for Spanish-speaking families and meeting needs in the neighborhood.But helping those...

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Jan Malick; 2020 Golden Acorn Winner

Bolstered by her faith, her family and the stirring needs of her community, Janice Malick has taken to heart the words of St. Francis of Assisi, “For it is in giving that we receive.” Jan, a Deercreek Country Club resident since 2001, exemplifies a passion...

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Cary Flynn – 2019 Golden Acorn Award Winner

If you spend any time with Cary Flynn you will hear her say “We are SOO lucky to live here!” She has become one of Deercreek’s Ambassadors in the 10 years she’s lived here. You’ll find her with the Friday Night Dining group up at the Club...

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Golden Acorn Award 2018: Debbie Grosnick

Debbie and her husband Phil along with their two children moved to Deercreek Country Club in 1997. Phil's career had him traveling and away from Deercreek a major portion of the time. With their children still in school Debbie had limited excess time but with some of...

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Golden Acorn Award 2017: Mike Milkey

The Home and Garden Club is pleased to announce Mike Milkey as the year 2017 Golden Acorn Award winner. Mike is a lifelong resident of Jacksonville and can be considered a lifelong resident of the Deercreek Country Club. Mike and Barbara purchased their lot and built...

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Golden Acorn Award Winners 2013: Betty and Gary Metz

When you think of Betty and Gary Metz, you think of books – BOOKS-A-GO-GO, the organization that they started in 2006 with the help of Deercreek neighbors, to bring books to needy local students. With that modest start, who would have expected that today over...

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Pat and Jim Register: 2012 Golden Acorn Award Winners

Pat and Jim Register moved to Deercreek in 2001. They chose this community carefully for their retirement home, and after an extensive search, found their beautiful Bishop Lake home which has been a Deercreek View award winner. When they arrived, Jim and Pat had been...

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Past Winners

2021 Carmen Kelly
2020 Jan Malick
2019 Cary Flynn
2018 Debbie Grosnick
2017 Mike Milkey
2016 Danny Becton
2015 Max Zahn
2014 Jim and Mary Louise Selzer
2013 Gary and Betty Metz
2012 Jim and Pat Register
2011 Sandy Montgomery
2010 Tommy Walter
2009 Rita Allen
2008 Dottie Patterson
2007 Charlotte Johnson
2006 Marie Smith
2005 Mary Stelbrink
2004 Joe Williams
2003 Carol D’Onofrio
2002 Karen Brockett
2001 Frank and Gerry Ceravolo
2000 Chuck and Nancy Jantz

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