Quarterly Assessment

Quarterly Assessment

First Quarterly Payment Due: January 1st
Second Quarterly Payment Due: April 1st
Third Quarterly Payment Due: July 1st
Fourth Quarterly Payment Due: October 1st

Unpaid HOA Assessments will incur interest on the last day of each month, as well as a late fee of $25 on the last day of a billable month.

Members have multiple options to pay Quarterly Assessments:

When paying by check
• Mail your check with an Association Services payment coupon.
• Postdated checks will be processed the day they are received.
• Write “U.S. Funds” on checks drawn on a Canadian bank account.

Mail – Three easy steps
Do not include nonpayment correspondence when mailing your payment.
• Make your check payable to the legal name of the association.
• Remove the coupon from your book or statement.
• Affix a mailing label or use one of the envelopes provided, and mail payment and coupon to:
P.O. Box 628207
Orlando, FL 32862.

In-person branch payment

  • Payments can be made with an Association Services payment coupon at any of our branches. BB&T and SunTrust have joined to become Truist. Soon, you will see Truist signage at all of our BB&T and SunTrust branches. Until that time, in-person payments can only be accepted at branches with BB&T signage.
  • Payments will post the following business day.

Pay online

If your association is enrolled in the Online Payment System, you can:

  • Pay by Credit/Debit Card – Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express®, or Discover®.1
    All debit cards issued by a U.S. financial institution will incur a flat $4.95 convenience fee. All credit cards will incur a convenience fee of 2.95% of the payment transaction amount. The convenience fee incurred on debit cards issued by a non-U.S. financial institution varies. Your exact convenience fee on all credit and debit card transactions will be displayed to you before you submit your payment.
  • Pay by eCheck – A one-time electronic funds transfer by ACH debit from a checking or savings account at any U.S. financial institution. No convenience fee applies when payments are made online by eCheck.
  • Enroll in Association Pay (ACH) online. No fee to enroll online.
  • Simply go to Truist.com/payments and select “Pay Now.”
  • The maximum payment amount is $10,000 for a single credit/debit card payment transaction and $20,000 for a single eCheck payment transaction. Multiple separate online payments can be submitted toward the same obligation; however, each separate payment transaction will incur a convenience fee if applicable.

Online bill pay provider
If you use an online bill pay provider, make your payment well in advance of the due date and use the bill pay account number listed on the payment coupon. This number, unique to each property address and payment obligation, is required to post bill pay payments.

Association Pay (ACH)
Have payments automatically debited from any U.S. financial institution.

  • Payments are deducted on the third of each month. If the third is on a weekend or holiday, the account will be debited on the next business day.
  • Enroll each obligation separately.
  • To enroll online, go to Truist.com/payments and click the “Pay Now” link. Enroll online through the 25th of the month to be effective for the next debit month.(Association must be set up for online enrollment.)
  • To enroll by paper, complete the Association Pay enrollment form in your coupon book or with your statement, and mail to: Truist Association Services, P.O. Box 2914, Largo, FL 33779. Paper enrollments must be received by the 20th of the month to be effective for the next debit month. Some exceptions apply; see an Association Pay calendar for details.

Quarterly Assessment Due Dates

  • First Quarterly Payment: January 1st
  • Second Quarterly Payment: April 1st
  • Third Quarterly Payment July 1st
  • Fourth Quarterly Payment: October 1st

Questions about Quarterly Assessments?

For all accounting related questions please contact Floridian Property Management at 904-592-4090


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