Edgewater HOA

 Edgewater HOA


  • President:  Raymond Saliba   [Expires 2023]
  • Vice President: Doug Harlan   [Expires 2023]
  • Treasurer: Christine Sakr   [Expires 2023]
  • Secretary: Martin Koziek   [Expires 2023]
  • Director: Craig Smythe   [Expires 2023]
  • Edgewater Liaison: Kathy Kleppinger


Regular Board Meeting Schedule 2024, 6:30pm

    • January 10th annual meeting
    • March 6
    • June 5
    • Sept 4
    • Oct 30 budget meeting
    • Dec 11 annual meeting


Location of All Regular, Budget and Annual Meetings:
10020 Watermark Lane
Jacksonville, FL 32256

Edgewater residents are welcome at all Board meetings and will be notified by either the Association or the DCCC signboard in advance of each meeting.

Minutes to each Board meeting are available upon request.

Date Wednesday, June 5Time 6:30 pm
Date Wednesday, September 4Time 6:30 pm
Date Wednesday, October 30Time 6:30 pm
Date Wednesday, December 11Time 6:30 pm
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