Golden Acorn Award 2017: Mike Milkey

Dec 31, 2017

The Home and Garden Club is pleased to announce Mike Milkey as the year 2017 Golden Acorn Award winner. Mike is a lifelong resident of Jacksonville and can be considered a lifelong resident of the Deercreek Country Club. Mike and Barbara purchased their lot and built the first home in the community in February 1990. They have had the wonderful opportunity of witnessing the growth of the community over the last 27 years.

After several years in the United States Marine Corps and graduating from college, Mike spent four years working for the Florida Legislature. He left the world of politics in 1979 to start his career in surgical device sales, working for several Fortune 500 companies along the way. In 2001, Mike started his own successful medical device company – Florida Surgical Specialties, which is the exclusive distributor for many micro-surgical products. Their daughter, Michele was born and raised here and now attends Mercer Law School.

Mike has been very active in “all things” Deercreek. He was instrumental on the transition team that worked with the original developers and interfaced with the country club. He has been involved in many community and club projects including, serving as the first President of the Deercreek Homeowners Association and Chairman of the Board of Governors for the Club. Mike sees himself as the “Head Cheerleader” for Deercreek Country Club and continues to be a big supporter of the club which he believes impacts our property values. One of Mike’s favorite stories about the club is where he compares it to Cheers – where everyone knows your name. He is often seen walking through the club introducing people and making them feel welcome as part of the Deercreek community. He is particularly proud that he and some others were instrumental in convincing Club Corp to invest over $1 million in the recent major renovation of the Clubhouse. As a result of his enthusiasm and involvement, you will hear fellow Club members affectionately refer to Mike as the “Mayor!” Thanks Mayor, for all you have done for Deercreek.

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