Tony and Sheila Tozy
10004 Randallstown Lane

Tony and Sheila Tozy left Mandarin in 1998, they built their custom home in Deercreek, choosing our neighborhood for its location, the safety of a gated community and our amenities. Their three young children, Jessica and twins, Monica and Michael, soon joined the Tigersharks swim team and played tennis for several years.

“Our yard is our own work of art,” says the couple who can be seen daily working outside, without any assistance from a landscaper. “We love watching our hard work transfer into a beautiful design that is both enjoyable for us and our neighbors.”

Their pride and joy are three beds, one that borders their street and two that face McLaurin Road. Two deer dominate the larger beds, which are surrounded by hibiscus, lantanas, azaleas of many colors, crotons, camellias, gardenias, yellow daisies, and topiary trees that are trimmed like spirals or Christmas trees. Many of the flowers are potted in containers of all sizes and colors, allowing for easy replanting due to seasonal changes. A grand magnolia anchors the left front. They have transformed a nonworking fountain into layers of succulents and rocks in their circular driveway.

In passing by out front, you will notice the sego palms by the street with the branches clipped off. Tony claims this promotes new growth that results in better size and beauty.

Thanks, Tony and Sheila, for giving residents such a wonderful view!

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