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    Thank You!

    Every year it becomes harder and harder to put into words how grateful we are to live in a neighborhood that is as filled with compassion as Deercreek is! This year’s peanut butter and jelly drive for the Mandarin Food Bank, not only broke last year’s record, but also brought in lots of other food items that are going to make summer better for families of children staying home alone. We not only collected 249 jars of peanut butter, 116 jars of jelly and 46 tubs of oatmeal but also lots of canned food, ramen noodles, tuna, toiletries, LOTS of brand new books and even some puppy dog treats!! And no one wanted to take credit for their donations! How awesome is that?

    Finally, the only words that come to mind are not fancy or overstated. They are heartfelt and sincere: THANK YOU, Deercreek and the DEERCREEK WOMEN’S ALLIANCE! You’re truly are the heart of our community!

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    PACE Jacksonville

    Mrs. Mary Warner unlocked the door to her long-imagined dream of a special place for Pace girls to shop and ‘find their voice.’

    With the help of Mary’s crew of volunteers and Pace girls, she cut the ribbon and officially opened Mrs. Mary’s Boutique on Wednesday May 29th, 2019.

    Over 17 years ago, a parent of a PACE girl, asked Mary Warner to start a clothes closet for young girls at PACE Jacksonville. With two garbage bags and a couple of volunteers, Mrs. Mary started to collect clothes and bring them to the center.

    Over the years, the clothes closet moved from room to room, overtaking the space provided. This was a temporary fix that allowed the girls to shop multiple times throughout the year, but Mrs. Mary wanted something more for the girls.

     She dreamed of a clothes closet that never closed; that was always available for the girls when they needed it.

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    The Bag Ladies

    Five ladies from Deercreek, together with other volunteers, helped The Bag Ladies one Saturday in early June, and together they managed to organize, tie pillows, stuff toiletry bags and finished filling 90 bags in an hour and half. These Welcome bags brought the total delivered to the children being sheltered from domestic abuse at Hubbard House to 6,255 bags

  • Books-A-Go Go Drive – August 1st – 14th

    During the first two weeks of August, there will be a book drive for Books-A-Go Go as detailed in the Spotlight article in the newsletter. These books are greatly needed so please donate where you can. There will be a bin by the guardhouse for donations, or they can be dropped at the home of Natalie Jackson at 10135 Deercreek Club Road. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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DWA Spotlight on Charity

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    Spotlight on Charity – Books-A-Go Go

    Books-A-Go Go is a 501c international nonprofit organization that collects used and new children’s books and gives them to children from low income families. These books are distributed through schools and organizations that support these children. Since its inception in 2007 by Deercreek resident, Betty Metz, Books-A-Go Go has given out over one million books to needy children in the US and abroad. Books are necessary in the home to improve their literacy, to develop a love for reading and to experience the world through books. Books-A-Go Go is run by volunteers, so 100% of all donations are used for the purchase of books and their distribution. Thousands of books are given out each month during the school year. Books are given to The Bag Ladies to put in bags going to children in homeless shelters. The Salvation Army, Mandarin Food Bank, Families of Slain Children, migrant children in Saint John’s County, pediatric hospice children and missionaries going to foreign countries have received free books from Books-A-Go Go.

    The DWA will have a children’s book drive for Books-A-Go Go from August 1st-14th. The focus is on used and new books for Pre-K through 5thgrade. For this drive, activity books, kid’s magazines and even half used coloring books can be donated. A Books-A-Go Go bin will be placed at the guardhouse or donations can be dropped off at Natalie Jackson’s house at 10135 Deercreek Club Road. All are needed and much appreciated!

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    Spotlight on Charity – Literacy Pros of Jacksonville

    Deercreek Women’s Alliance Supports Blue4Books

     The Deercreek Women’s Alliance recently selected Literacy Pros of Jacksonville, Inc. as a recipient of support. One of the initiatives is Blue4Books, a collaborative reading program initiated in partnership with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and the Jacksonville Public Library.

    Launched earlier this year, Blue4Books provides youth interactions with public safety officials in nonemergency settings while promoting literacy. Blue4Books is providing youth an encounter with public safety officials as a resource for public good. The program’s mission is to empower youth to recognize that reading can open opportunities for a successful future. The program was developed based on indicators from citywide research and expertise from various community agencies was considered in the development.

    Blue4Books was conceptualized by Janice Gendreau, Vice-President of Literacy Pros of Jacksonville. Gendreau was inspired to help children learn to interact with JSO and other uniformed professionals in nonthreatening settings. “Our youth should view public safety officers as real people – moms or dads with dogs and children who fish, ride bikes, and read books”, said Gendreau. “We want children to feel safe and learn to share their fears or concerns when they need help and reading with them is an activity that allows them to get to know officers as helpful”, she added.

    Literacy Pros of Jacksonville was founded in 2003 by a local group of dedicated literacy volunteers. They are an affiliate of ProLiteracy America. The organization’s mission is to train individuals to effectively teach basic literacy skills and to prepare interested tutors to become Certified Trainers. They are a nonprofit, 501(c)(3), dedicated to eradicating illiteracy and work closely with the JSO and the short-term inmate population in addition to their other ongoing programs.

    For more information you can contact Literacy Pros at 904-210-6677 or find them on FaceBook (Literacy Pros of Jacksonville) or email at literacyprosjacksonville@gmail.com

    Submitted By: Susan Kaniut, Secretary/Treasurer

    Literacy Pros of Jacksonville

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