Spotlight on Charity – Pine Castle

Spotlight on Charity – Pine Castle

Jan 23, 2023

Pine Castle, located at 4911 Spring Park Road, is a leader in serving adults with intellectual and development differences (I/DD) and providing support to their families across Northeast Florida, committed to assisting anyone with differences.

Pine Castle was founded in 1952 by a group of 33 families of children with I/DD. No local programs or schools existed at that time to provide support services, except for a few distant residential institutions run by the state. Over the years, Pine Castle has transitioned to a work and life skills training and activity center for adults with I/DD.

Today, more than 300 individuals attend daily programs to learn valuable skills. From basic academic training and hands-on job experience to leisure activities and life skills coaching, Pine Castle provides a wide range of opportunities to Learn, Work and Connect. Their vision is for a community where persons with intellectual and development differences achieve their potential for independence.

For more information, please visit their website

Pace Center for Girls is a Florida-based, nationally recognized not-for-profit organization that provides non-residential, prevention, intervention and diversion services for girls and young women of middle and high school age. Pace provides free year-round schooling in academics, case management, counseling and life skills development in a trauma and gender free environment.

The DWA supports Pace at their Mrs. Mary’s Boutique. The Boutique, formally known as “The Clothes Closet”, was started by now 87 year old Mary Warner. The Boutique provides a way for the girls to “buy” items with points they’ve earned through grades, good deeds, class attendance and participation. We support the Boutique with donations of clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and toiletries.

Mrs. Mary’s Boutique has its own permanent room. It’s decorated and set up just like a boutique in the mall. This makes the girls feel very special and gives them an opportunity to shop in a place that otherwise they cannot afford.

Thank you for all your support for Pace in the way of volunteering and donations. If you are interested in volunteering or have items to donate, please contact Vicki Khan at 923-3538 or Her address for drop off items is 10148 Deercreek Club Road. Please do not ring the doorbell or knock on the door.

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