The home of Duke and Ally Kessell stands out for its varied and colorful landscaping, making it a great choice for September’s Landscape View. Located at 9968 Chelsea Lake Road, and framed by stately oaks with magnificent staghorn ferns nestled in their branches, their home has a European feel.

Hanging baskets of Swedish ivy grace the front yard along with layers of landscape plants that are bordered by caladiums. Adding to the charm, newly installed stepping stones accented by dark mulch provide a path from the street to their entryway. Along the driveway (on the side) are ligustrum trees, and in their backyard, crotons and birds of paradise provide color. Amazingly, the Kessells do all their own lawn maintenance, and you can see the care they take in how lovely their landscaping is!

Duke and Ally Kessell have lived in Deercreek since 1994, raised their three children in our neighborhood, and they are the proud grandparents of an adored grandson! Congratulations for being great Deercreek residents and friends.

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