Members of the Home and Garden Club drive through our community in hopes of finding that special residence worthy of being designated The Landscape View. They look closely for a beautiful array of flowers, well-kept shrubs, healthy and pruned trees, and the overall pristine maintenance of the property when making their selection. We are pleased to announce that The Landscape View for October 2019 is awarded to Bimal and Vaishali Doolabh at 10242 Cypress Lakes Drive.

The home has a varied and colorful array of shrubs, trees and flowering plants. The shady side of this colorful landscape is anchored by a large oak tree surrounded by jasmine and foxtail ferns. Hawaiian Ti plants add color while ornamental grasses provide texture.

The sunny side of the landscape bursts with many different colors of vinca and several smaller trees including a cypress and redwood. Weeping yaupon provides balance, bringing both sides harmoniously together.

 Bimal says he enjoys tending to his many plantings because the result of his efforts make his wife smile. Drive by to enjoy this colorful yard and see if you find yourself smiling as well.

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