Tarek and Anju Patel, our View for May, built their home at 9969 Chelsea Lake Road in 1997. They have enjoyed raising their two sons, Suraj and Shaan, in Deercreek and are proud of them both graduating from the University of Florida (Shaan, this month).

As you can see from the picture, they have a newly installed paver circular driveway which they love (Patel indicates, too late to prevent the boys’ teenage years of shuffling cars around on their old driveway). With the new driveway, they have a great half-moon landscaped bed of shrubs and perennials, centered with a trio of Robellini palms. Lorapetalum bushes encircle the bed, with sunshine ligustrum and dwarf azaleas outlining the palms. Tulips, dahlias, blue daze, and salvia fill in the bed for a lively combination of colors and shapes.

The Patels maintain the landscaping with the help of lawn service, along with Tarek’s mother Savita, who regularly plants flowers during her weekly visits. A big shoutout goes to their neighbors across the street, John and Linda Robinson, whose ‘lawn is perfect’ and landscape advice is much appreciated!

Congratulations, Tarek and Anju, for your beautiful new driveway and landscaping brightening our Deercreek neighborhood.

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