Congratulations to Joe and Maryann Grauwiler, our View of the Month for June 2022. Joe and Maryann moved to Deercreek in 2003 as a result of his company’s relocation from New Hampshire. They are active in Deercreek and absolutely love living here.

Buying an existing home on Cypress Lakes Drive, Joe and Maryann set about making it their own. One of their first decisions was to install a water feature next to their front entry. Through the years, they have focused on making their landscape deer resistant, hardy, low maintenance…and colorful! Large beds of foundation plants, interspersed with blooming shrubs and trees, complement the golden exterior of their home and paver driveway court.

Beautiful topiaries frame the entry to their home. To the left of the front entry are gardenias, camellias, azaleas and a giant blue iris. To the right is a large bed in front of their garage. A bird of paradise, landscape rock and blue daze accent the garage entry. At the corner of the garage is a large sculpted ligustrum surrounded by liriope, with a hawthorn tree to the side. Other plants include arboricola and a tibouchina princess shrub.

Fronting the left side of their home is a bed with two Red Rooster crepe myrtles, a sago palm, foxtail ferns and liriope. Along the right side of their home is another bed, with a weeping holly tree and a crepe myrtle, along with blue plumbago and sweet alyssum.

Their landscape presents a unifying frame for their home, accenting their home’s architecture and setting. Thanks, Joe and Maryann for your beautiful landscape view!

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