Gary and Stacey Gray
7919 Vineyard Lake Rd N

The Gray family moved to Deercreek in 2014 to be near her parents, long-time residents Chuck and Connie Gillum. The Gillums were the featured View in October 2022.

Stacey Gray says the green thumb skipped a generation, and their children inherited the gift from her folks. Son Connor, a sophomore at the Episcopal School of Jacksonville, built a wooden container garden inside their screened patio. Daughter Ainsley, heading to Boston University in the fall, planted and maintains an herb garden with her brother.

The family’s favorites, three giant variegated century plants (agave Americana marginata) dominate the yard. Two massive oaks in the left front frame their red brick residence and offer welcome shade. Two graceful Queen palms shield the driveway on the right. Lots of bright green foxtail ferns throughout the front soften the landscape. Adding color are sunshine ligustrums and multicolored crotons.

In Stacey’s words, “Gary and I are just here to support the efforts of our lawn care team—the kids, the grandparents, and Josef Miller of How Tomorrow Looks.” The parents asked for hardy, low-maintenance plants that deer won’t eat. Hopefully, like everyone else in Deercreek, they will get their wish!

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