Located along a beautifully shaded section of Vineyard Lake Road, our July Deercreek View homeowners are Peter and Janet Daechsel. They moved to Deercreek from Toronto, Canada in 1998 with their two children Andrew and Alison.

Adapting to their Florida home, the Daechsels worked with their landscape to make it their own. Through the years, their landscape has transitioned to low-maintenance/deer-resistant shrubs and plants that thrive in Jacksonville’s climate. This includes an eclectic mix of plants such as Dwarf Walters Viburnums, Camellia Sasanquas, Foxtail Ferns, Heavenly Nandinas, Sunshine Ligustrums, European Fan Palms and Firecracker Plants.

Recently they added a paver driveway and walkway along the side of their home leading to a new screened-in pool. As “do-it-yourself” gardeners, this provided the opportunity to add new shrubs and plants to border their additions. Along with some of the above plants, they added Variegated Ginger, Azaleas, Bird of Paradise, Periwinkles and a Ponytail Palm.The Daechsels have found that walking in Deercreek and observing what works well in other landscapes, combined with shared expertise from neighborhood gardening friends and local garden centers, has enabled them to create a pleasing low maintenance, deer-resistant landscape. Congratulations to Peter and Janet for being selected as the July Deercreek View!

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