Members of the Home and Garden Club drive through our community in hopes of finding that special residence worthy of being designated The Landscape View. They look closely for a beautiful array of flowers, well-kept shrubs, healthy and pruned trees and the overall pristine maintenance of the property when making their selection. We are pleased to announce that The Landscape View for July, 2020 was awarded to Said and Samira Samaan at 7909 Abington Hills Lane.

This home has a varied and colorful array of shrubs, trees and flowering plans in addition to the immaculately trimmed lawn. Samira has lovingly planted and maintained her beautiful flowering plants in a harmonious and colorful display to present an overall appearance of harmony. The private backyard and pool area are filled with Knock Out roses, camellias, fruit trees along with a variety of vibrant plants that frame a tranquil view of the pond.

Said and Samira enjoy tending their flowering planting beds and yard and their love and care show through with this impressive landscape.

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