Carson Phillips and Max Zahn
9947 Blakeford Mill Road

This colorful and showy landscape surrounding the lovely white low country home really welcomes the viewer to stop and admire the overall splendor. There are several colorful planting beds with an array of annuals and perennials that attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees. On each side of the curving front walkway, the beds include Knock Out roses, iris, and trellised climbing Mandevilla vines. Some of the other colorful planting beds include crotons and zinnias with many other thriving plants to display texture in the landscape along with garden sculptures. Flower pots hang from the front porch with their red flowers complimenting the yellow, white and red color theme. The backyard has sitting areas that include more Knock Out roses, periwinkles, and lantana along with the show-stopping Angel Trumpet.

The varied texture and color of the plants work harmoniously together and show Carson and Max’s loving care they put into their immaculately maintained landscape.

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