Yard Waste Disposal

Aug 21, 2023

Deercreek and Edgewater residents are reminded that the disposal of all their yard waste is their responsibility and not the City of Jacksonville or the Home Owners Association. And, yard waste is NEVER to be placed on the roads of Deercreek or Edgewater. The best way to eliminate the problem is to have the person who creates the yard waste to remove it when the job is complete. If not, the yard waste can be placed on the CURB, NOT THE ROAD, from 8:00 Tuesday morning to 8:00 Thursday morning for city pickup. If the city does not pick up the yard waste at their regular time, then the yard waste is to be removed from the curb until it can be picked up. If it is not picked up, the resident will be fined $30 per day until the yard waste is removed.

The resident is also responsible for knowing and abiding by the rules of the City of Jacksonville for yard trash pickup.

Should the City of Jacksonville not pickup yard waste as scheduled, the citation schedule will be adjusted accordingly.

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