Yard, Trash & Recycle Reminder

Feb 23, 2023

Trash and recycle shall not be placed at the end of the driveway prior to 6:00 PM the day before scheduled collection. Trash and recycle containers shall be removed from the curb and properly stored by 8:00 AM the morning after the day of collection. The citation penalty for violation of this Rule shall be $30.00.

Landscape clippings should be bagged where feasible and be stacked along with bundled or tied landscape trimmings at curb for collection. Landscape contractors should remove landscape debris following completion of yard service.

Yard waste set out for collection Yard waste shall not be placed at the end of the driveway for collection prior to 8:00 AM the day before yard waste is scheduled for collection must be completely natural and vegetative. Do not mix yard waste with garbage, lumber, fencing, recycling or bulk materials.

• NO manufactured wood material, such as plywood
• NO treated or painted wood, such as fencing or landscape timbers
• Five (5) cubic yard limit per week – roughly 30, 32-gallon garbage bags or what would fit in the bed of a standard pickup truck
• Limbs, logs and stumps must be five (5) feet or less in length and less than six (6) inches in diameter
• No single item or container can weigh more than 40 pounds
• It is unlawful for a hired contractor to leave tree debris for the city to collect. [Ord. Sec. 380.206]
• Dumping of landscape debris within Deercreek, including all lakes and swamps, is strictly prohibited.

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