Unused Bar Codes

Jun 3, 2020

Over the years with multiple security companies, the movement of Deercreek residents, and the selling and purchasing of vehicles, the Deercreek bar code database has accumulated a great deal of outdated information (there are almost 3,700 bar codes listed). Making accurate record-keeping of residents’ and non-resident club members’ vehicles very difficult.

 In order to rectify this situation, effective July 1, 2020, the following first step will occur:

  • Any bar code not used in the last six months will be deactivated. If you have a vehicle with a bar code not used in that time, please go by the guardhouse driving that vehicle with your driver’s license and vehicle registration and have the vehicle validated and bar code reactivated. If the vehicle is the same as shown in the database for that bar code, there will be no charge to reactivate it.
  • If a bar code has been placed on another vehicle or is an unauthorized handheld bar code, the resident will have to pay $20 for a new one and have it placed on the right vehicle. Due to their inherent security risks, handheld bar codes are allowed ONLY by special permission from the Access Control Committee and DCCOA Board. Their initial cost is $40.

 The process to validate a bar code is as follows:

  • Bring a valid driver’s license (for residents to verify Deercreek address), and vehicle registration to the guardhouse from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM Monday through Friday. For bar code holders who cannot come to the guardhouse during the times listed above, please contact the guardhouse and establish a time for reactivating a bar code.
  • Complete required paperwork; You must be driving the vehicle with the bar code attached or the car to have a bar code attached.

 The safety of our residents and the commitment to restricted access for Deercreek is vital for our community. Resident cooperation for this initiative is appreciated. For questions, please contact a member of access control or the guardhouse at 904-519-1390.

Thank you,

Access Control

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