TNR for Community and Feral Cats

Jun 17, 2020

(Update #3)

In April’s newsletter, we described our program of trapping feral cats, having them spayed/neutered, then returning them to their original neighborhood without the fear that they would continue to increase the feral cat population. In this newsletter, we want to tell you about a special kitten and Foster Families for Deercreek Kittens!

Meet Chelsea Lake Kitten. Here is his heartwarming story. One that motivates Sandy and me to keep moving forward with our Deercreek TNR (Trap cats, Neuter/Spay the cat/Return) Mission.

While trapping on Chelsea Lake Rd East a few weeks ago, we nabbed this wild and rambunctious kitten. Such a sweet face, but very scared. While in his trap and waiting for transport to the vet for surgery, we noticed something just wasn’t right. He had a head tilt where he couldn’t hold his head in the normal upright position, and he showed signs of hearing loss. We knew he could not be an outdoor kitty any longer due to his disabilities making him vulnerable to attacks by various predators. What were we going to do with him? He would need a foster family to teach him “indoor” kitty stuff and to socialize him toward humans. We knew taking the first step with surgery was easy, but step two, finding a foster, we did not know what would come next.

We dropped him off at First Coast No More Homeless Pets for his surgery to be “fixed” that morning. Sandy was still in the drop-off parking lot to head home and received a call from someone inside the building. The female voice said, “Can I place this kitten up for adoption?” The Surgical Vet Assistant had fallen in love with the little guy the moment she went to his trap, wanted to foster him and then let Mayport Cats Rescue find his fur-ever home that would want a special needs kitty and could attend to his medical needs. The Surgical Assistant had several vet referrals and she routinely fosters Momma Cats with kittens! We immediately said YES and jumped with joy! Less than a week later, Chelsea Lake Kitten was adopted. We know the moment a Deercreek kitty steps into that trap, their life will be forever changed for the better. But with this little black kitten, he is now safe, dry, warm and dearly loved. He will never have to worry where his next meal is coming from and who is waiting in the shadows to harm him.

Our policy on trapping kittens is this simple:
We want to place all kittens we trap up for adoption!!

Here’s how you can help:
Inform Karen or Sandy that a Momma Kitty has had kittens on your property.
Allow us to keep checking the health status of the kittens
We will allow kittens to stay with Momma Kitty until time to wean (6-8 weeks)
We will trap kittens, take to surgery appointments, place in a Deercreek foster home to socialize and then adopt out

Please let us know if you are willing to foster kittens for a couple of months or until they weigh 2 pounds. They can then have their surgeries and be adopted. Join our Mission! If kittens are left alone, they grow up to produce more kittens!! The cycle never stops. We need help to stop the cycle. Become a Foster Family!! And let us know if there are kittens on your property!

Please email us at if you are interested or if you need more information regarding fostering. Also, email us with any questions, comments, suggestions, or areas to trap!

Again, thank you for supporting us is so many ways. We can’t do this without you!

~Sandy Hunt & Karen Miracl

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