Time to Cast your Ballot

Sep 1, 2023

Ballots are mailed on September 1 to all owners of record within the Deercreek Owners Association. Excluding the Edgewater community. Please vote now and return your ballot as soon as possible. As provided by the mailed instructions you may return your ballot directly to Floridian Property Management Co. by US mail or you may drop your ballot at the guardhouse; there is a mailbox (SAVE A STAMP).

The Deercreek Country Club Owners’ Association Board of Directors is proposing to amend the Deercreek Country Club Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Easements (“the Declaration”) with the goals of

  1. Prohibiting short term rentals of homes (e.g., AirBnB, VRBO) within Deercreek and thus avoiding the growing problem of transient occupants
  2. Prohibiting Sexual Predators from legally residing in Deercreek to better protect our members’ families.
  3. Reducing the number affirmative (“Yes”) votes required to amend the Declaration from the current 75% of all homes/lots (501 ‘yes’) to 51% of all homes/lots (341 ‘yes’).

We urge you to take a few minutes to review the Amendment to the Declaration on the next page. The homeowners’ Association Board urges you to approve the proposed Amendment to Declaration by doing the following and returning the Consent to the Association:

Please help us maintain the standards of a premier community by voting YES to the changes.

The BOD recommends a YES vote.

Items marked as 1 and 2 will help us maintain a stable environment providing for a consistent neighborhood where you can raise children in a family friendly atmosphere.

Item 3 will allow the community to be more reactive to changes in the environment when needed. This change in vote still would require a majority of owners to vote YES to make any future changes if required. 

Please help us get the vote out and support the initiatives as outlined above.

Need more information???    Please contact Gene Curtin    dccoa.curtin@gmail.com

There will be future meetings via ZOOM, dates and time to be determined.

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