The View October 2022

Oct 1, 2022

Our Deercreek View for October is the home of Connie and Chuck Gillum at 10149 Vineyard Lake Road East (on the corner of Chester Lake Road East). Moving from up north to Deercreek in 1993, they fell in love with the many kinds of palms here. As they updated their landscaping, they have planted seven varieties of palms in their yard. They started out with a couple of potted palms in their house – the large clump of Lady Palms on the front corner of their garage was once in their living room and the Ponytail Palm (now 12 feet tall) in their dining room.

Through the years, they’ve added the majestic, now huge, Sylvester Phoenix Palm (silver date palm) bordering their driveway, Pindo Palms framing their front door and European Fan Palms at the house corners. They also have Queen Palms on the corner and in their backyard. Their newest palms are the silvery clumps of Bismarck Palms on both sides of the house.

In addition, the Gillums are bird lovers; they have beautiful flowering Pink Majestic Hawthornes and day lilies providing cover for the songbirds using their feeders and blue bird house, resulting in many blue bird hatchings.
Thank you, Connie and Chuck Gillum for adding to the beauty of our great neighborhood!


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