The View – May 2023

May 1, 2023

7819 McLaurin Road North

Since John and Bonnie King’s residence is directly in front of the Deercreek clubhouse, most residents pass by their home regularly when out taking a walk, biking, playing golf or just driving by – and many stop to admire the latest colorful plantings in their front bed, a wide half-moon area defined by their circular driveway..

John and Bonnie have lived across from the clubhouse since 1991. Both keep busy in their family business, Beach Blvd Automotive. When not working, Bonnie’s pride and joy are her three large pots in the main area. She changes those blooms frequently to offer a variety of color throughout the year.

This spring, on the advice of a gardener, she planted brilliant red geraniums in the bed. These give the perfect color pop to share with all the folks coming out of the clubhouse or passing by along McLaurin.

Bonnie has added a little whimsy with her small statues scattered about the bed. If you walk along that way, look for the white frog bowl on the right. He holds three ceramic balls and hides a tiny hedgehog on his side.

Azaleas line the sides of their home and the sidewalk. Mature oaks shade the lawn next to the golf course. The largest, out front, was struck by lightning a few years ago but it has “continued to survive and thrive!”

In her spare time, Bonnie plays tennis and an occasional round of golf. She is “seriously considering’ the new pickleball courts!

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