Thank You!

Jun 25, 2023

Thank you Deercreek!

Thanks to your generosity, less fortunate children in our community (covering 7 zip codes) will be able to have a midday snack/meal at home during the summer when school lunches are not available.

We also received the following message from the Mandarin Food Bank, which is all due to your kindness….

Thank you to the Deercreek Women’s Alliance for their wonderful donation! Their peanut butter and jelly annual drive is one we look forward to every year. The Women’s Alliance has been an outstanding donor over many, many years thanks to the amazing leadership from our fellow volunteer, Carmen Kelly. She has been an amazing force for both the Alliance and the Food Bank. On behalf of those we serve, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The attached photo shows just some of the items that were donated during the drive.

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