Storm Water Drains Part of HOA Liabilities

Jan 18, 2024

The photo highlights a drain covered with pine needles and debris, leading to drainage issues during rain. Many drains in the community face a similar problem. The Homeowners Association bears the cost of fixing clogged drains, as it’s not the city’s responsibility. Cleaning all drains is expensive due to accumulated debris over the years (grass clippings, leaves, bottles), covering over ten miles of roads and their drainage systems. Debris in drains eventually reaches lakes, including from lawn maintenance workers blowing grass clippings into the lake.

Recently, contractors have been observed blowing debris into drains. Request to advise lawn maintenance professionals against blowing clippings or leaves into drains. Residents are urged to ensure drains near their property remain clear to avoid issues.

Maintaining the community’s appearance is a shared responsibility.

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