Spotlight on Charity – Sulzbacher

Spotlight on Charity – Sulzbacher

Nov 1, 2022

Sulzbacher Center, downtown Jacksonville, started in the 90’s in response to the explosion of crisis homelessness. Their comprehensive services include street outreach, daily meals, case management, veteran services, job placement assistance, as well as permanent supportive housing, and a therapeutic early learning center. DWA’s initial donation was to support Sulzbacher Village, a low rent facility for women and families. It includes a Pediatric Health Center and provides community engagement.

We are proud to have our name posted as a donor. Since then, we have donated to help specific programs. During CoVid our donation helped make possible the Sulzbacher Healthmobile, taking first-rate healthcare to the homeless wherever they may be. Sulzbacher was, with donations and support, able to remain open and fully functional 24/7, 365 days a year during Covid.

We are proud to sponsor this organization that supports our vulnerable neighbors.

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