Spotlight on Charity Families of Slain Children (FOSCI)

Jun 25, 2023

Families of Slain Children’s top mission is “To touch the lives of hurting families’. FOSCI was established in 2006 to support and ensure the emotional and physical wellbeing of families who have lost a family member to violence.

For over 16 years, through the grace of volunteers and community partners they are on the verge of a national movement to put an end to this madness. When a family first encounters the loss of a loved one, FOSCI is often the “first call” and they immediately employ strategic initiatives for financial support, personal development and long term recovery.”

FOSCI has helped over 3,000 families with the services they provide: Family Support Services, Prevention Services, Job Readiness Training, and Free Health Care.

The DWA are supporting this organization with a cash donation and help by meeting their mission of empowering children and families that have lost loved ones to homicide by employing strategic initiatives for long-term growth, community development and educational reinvestment. We will volunteer at their charitable events, candlelight vigils, children’s programs, and prevention programs.

The headquarters are at N. Myrtle Ave, Jacksonville, and this is also host to the FOSCI’s Wall of Compassion, a memorial wall commemorating the names of Jacksonville’s slain sons and daughters due to senseless violence.

For more information on this charity, please visit their website

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