Speed Limits

Jun 23, 2021


Why do we enforce our 30 MPH speed limit on Deercreek Club Road between our guard gate and Southside Boulevard? While not our community’s top area of focus for speed enforcement, we do enforce our 30 MPH speed limit on this stretch of road for the following reasons:

• The road is heavily traveled! With only one entry and exit into Deercreek, the sheer volume of traffic on this road makes speed enforcement imperative. On average, 15,000 vendors and guests pass through the visitor’s lane of our guardhouse, in addition to the thousands of resident’s vehicles also on this stretch of road every month. That amounts to over 500,000 vehicles a year. The dangers of speeding are magnified when on heavily traveled roads.

• There is a history of accidents and incidents on this stretch of road, from fender benders to more serious collisions. In addition, several vehicles have ended up in the retention pond near NEFAR over the years, In 2019, one driver actually flipped his vehicle while entering our community, with his car skidding to a stop on its roof as it approached the guardhouse. We enforce the speed limit on this stretch of road in an attempt to minimize such incidents.

• The road is Deercreek’s responsibility — our HOA has the same responsibility to ensure safe driving conditions on this stretch of road as any other street in our community because we own it. In addition to helping ensure safety for our residents and guests, there could be legal ramifications if an incident does occur on this stretch of road and our HOA is found to have been enforcing traffic rules in other parts of our community, but not in this area.

• Workers are frequently occupying these roads — including landscape workers and utility workers. Frequently, these workers are on foot and are accompanied by a stopped work vehicle, narrowing traffic to one lane and increasing the danger that speeding vehicles can bring.

• The road has curves and blind spots that amplify the dangers of speeding vehicles — for example, the road curves as you approach the guard gate, which can make it more difficult to see stopped vehicles or workers as you approach the gate. There is significant traffic entering and exiting the road from NEFAR and Watson Realty, and the double left turn lane from Southside Blvd. into Deercreek can require both visitors and residents to change lanes and merge as they approach the guard gate.

Please do your part to ensure we have a safe community by following our 30 MPH speed limit and following all driving rules — both within Deercreek and when driving from our guard house to Southside Boulevard! Thank you!

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