Signboard Guidelines

Jul 25, 2021

The Communications Committee uses Sign Board Messaging as one of the ways to communicate to the residents of Deercreek. Due to limited space, signboard messages for the HOA, Board, and committee business take priority in the event of conflicts. The Communication Committee also utilizes the signboard to post HOA, social clubs, and Country Club events. Generally, we have 3-4 posts rotating on the board. Also, the beginning and end of each month tend to have more space to post requested items. Following are guidelines the Communication Committee uses to post messages on the board.

∙ HOA Meetings- Posted 1 week prior. This takes priority before anything else.
∙ Home and Garden- Posted 1 week prior to events.
∙ Donation truck- Posted 1 week prior.
∙ Club Events- Events are posted throughout the month.
∙ Landscape Award- Posted anytime during that month.
∙ Holiday Images- Posted on the day of the holiday.
∙ Urgent messages are posted immediately.
∙ General interests taken from the website are posted throughout the month.

Please be patient if your requests are not posted on the signboard right away, as space becomes available it will be posted……

Please use this email to send in requests, changes in HOA meetings, or urgent info that needs to be posted.

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