Security Cameras on the Deercreek Country Club Golf Course

Mar 25, 2024

Recent vandalism by trespassers driving private golf carts on the golf course have led Deercreek Country Club to install security cameras around the golf course. Cameras are also located around the pool. If you have information about who committed the vandalism, please contact the Country Club’s General Manager, Chris Hanns at 904-363-1604 or The Country Club intends to hold vandals (including parents of minor vandals) financially responsible for damage. The Country Club may also pursue criminal charges.

The golf course is not a walking path, bike path, dog park or playground. It is exclusively for golf members of the Country Club. Trespassing on a golf course is dangerous. A golf ball can cause serious harm, particularly to children.

As a reminder, the golf course, tennis courts and pool are all private property for the exclusive use of members of the Country Club. The Deercreek Homeowners Association and the Deercreek Country Club are not the same. Residents of Deercreek are not members of the Country Club unless they pay an initiation fee and monthly dues to join the Country Club. Assessments paid to the Deercreek Homeowners Association do not include dues for membership to the Country Club. Buying a home in Deercreek does not include Country Club membership.

Access to the Country Club’s golf course, pool, and tennis courts is strictly limited to members of the Country Club. The Country Club intends to protect these valuable amenities for the benefit of its paying members.

The Country Club invites all residents of Deercreek to join the Club. If you are interested, please contact Membership Director, Kendhal Mills at: 904-363-1604 or

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