Reminder: Census Survey

Jun 11, 2020

Just a reminder – If you have not returned the census survey that was sent to you recently, please do so now. The information included below provides the importance of this year’s Census. Every person is essential and plays a role as to what the community will receive in the coming years.

Please make your voice heard by completing the census survey. 

Your participation is Important! 

Every ten years, the federal government takes a count of all people living in the US. Every household must be counted. Consider the growth just in this district alone within the last ten years, and that is precisely why it is so essential that each person is counted. Each person that is counted represents $1400 in monies dedicated to the district. Every person that is not counted represents a loss of $1400.

Money follows the numbers! Federal funds received for the community are based upon the number of people counted as of this date. Remember, the last Census was ten years ago and think of the growth of this area alone and what that means as to the financial impact, which results in funding for schools, roads, hospitals, public works, and other vital programs. The Census also determines how many seats your state has in the House of Representatives. 

Some fast facts about the Census:

Your privacy is protected.

It’s easy –  every home was sent information to self-enumerate, and new this year, online participation will be available, even on a mobile device. If you do not respond within a specific date, the Census Bureau will make every effort to get your response.

For more details, facts and information visit COJ.NET/2020CENSUS 

Thank you,


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