Recreation Committee 2023 & 2024

Dec 18, 2023

During their most recent meeting, the Recreation Committee (RC) reflected on their work in 2023: the playground grand opening, the construction of the new pickleball courts, the rollout of the Skedda reservation system, community events, COJ matching grant application, and more. The RC will not be resting on their laurels in 2024. They have a rolling 3-year plan for community improvements and dedicated managers for each project.

From the jump, the RC has secured funding for the addition of a sidewalk to the east gate of the pickleball courts. Next, the RC has applied for the City of Jacksonville’s community matching grant program and anticipates receiving money to go towards improvements to the basketball court. In addition for 2024, the RC will be working closely with the Club to see the bathroom project to completion. The single-stall bathroom will be an addition to the side of the Tennis Center building, but accessible from the outside to all residents. Finally, the RC will be working on assessing the usage of the volleyball courts and interest in youth sports. There is much to look forward to in the coming year.

To see the entire 3-year rolling plan, please see the RC’s tab on the DCCOA website:

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