Real Estate September 2022

Sep 1, 2022

September is the start of football season in our house. We cheer for the Gators, while other residents support the Seminoles, Bulldogs, or other teams around the country. The Jaguars provide the opportunity to unify us on Sunday afternoon at the Club. If only there was a unified opinion on the real estate market.
For Sale in Deercreek are 4 homes
  • 10234 Cypress Lakes (listed at $1,025,000, reduced from $1,069,000);
  • 10110 Bishop Lake (now listed at $825,000, previously under contract);
  • 7921 Abington Hills (listed at $899,900)
  • 10197 Vineyard Lake (listed at $750,000).
Ranging in size from 3259 – 4240 sq ft, they have been on the market 4-60 days, and listed from $215.83-$260.82 per sq ft.
Four homes are Under Contract:
  • 10248 Cypress Lakes
  • 10044 Watermark
  • 7939 Vineyard Lake
  • 10416 Cypress Lakes
These homes range from $204.17 – $249.40 per square foot and have been on the market from 9 – 64 days.
Four homes sold the past 3 months (according to 8/23/22 NEFAR MLS). Priced from $702,000 to $820,000, the homes sold 100% – 103% of list price. The homes sold at a price per sq foot from $206.43-$240.68 and on the market an average of 25 days.
  • 10143 Bishop Lake sold for $820,000
  • 11175 Chester Lake for $702,000
  • 7798 Rittenhouse for $744,000
  • 9936 Watermark for $790,000
  • 7903 Vineyard Lake sold in a private transaction last month. Due to significant deferred maintenance and neglect, it sold for $300,000.
Enjoy football season, win or lose, there is always something to cheer! The real estate values in Deercreek staying strong at this point is also something to cheer. Homes continue to sell, if priced right. September is a perfect time to make improvements to the curb appeal of your home – pavers, refreshed doors, new lighting, and colorful plants all will make your home more inviting for those gatherings of family and friends!
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