Real Estate Recap by B. J. Weyer, REALTOR

Sep 1, 2023

September is in the midst of hurricane season and while we need the rain, we don’t want to see destruction from a hurricane. Be prepared with water, pantry items, batteries, gas for cars & grills, and cash on hand (just in case). Prepping to sell a house requires the same type of thoughtful planning for cleaning, repairs, staging, updates and pricing.

Eight homes sold the last three months, priced from $489,000-$850,000 and on the market from 20-83 days. The sales closing in August are:

• 10361 Cypress Lakes, sold for $595,000 cash after originally Listed at $649,000. Seller also provided a $2,000 credit for repairs.
• 10092 Vineyard Lake, sold for $835,000 after being Listed at $850,000.

Four homes are For Sale (per 8/28/23 NEFMLS) and have been on the market from 25-59 days:

• 8333 Amherst Hills, 3,050 sq ft, Listed at $732,900
• 8250 Chelsea Lake Place, 7,287 sq ft, Listed at $1,963,000
• 8342 Amherst Hills, 2,984 sq ft, now Listed at $735,000
• 8145 Suffield Ct, 2,654 sq ft, back on the market, Listed at $750,000.

Four homes are Under Contract:

• 8263 Ashworth Ct, 4,926 sq ft, now Listed at $1,175,000
• 10091 Chester Lake, 2,712 sq ft, Listed at $740,000
• 9960 Chelsea Lake, 2,857 sq ft, Listed at $675,000
• 9954 Blakeford Mill, 3,306 sq ft, Listed at $815,000

The vacant lot at 10378 Cypress Lakes is still available at $325,000. There has been some interest as a potential buyer submitted plans to the ARB, but then withdrew the plans.

The transition to Heritage Golf Group continues with planned improvements to golf, tennis, fitness, the pool, dining, and events for all ages. The HOA continues to make improvements, too, in Rules & Regulations, golf cart requirements, and the common area landscaping. Good planning, whether for a hurricane or everyday life, always provides the best outcome.

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