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Feb 1, 2021

February brings familiar things – Valentine’s Day and the pruning of crape myrtle trees. Valentine’s Day offers the chance to share chocolates and champagne with those you love. While the pruning of crape myrtles is necessary, don’t subject these lovely flowering trees to crape “murder”. Surprise! February also brings an active real estate selling season. With many new residents to Jacksonville, communities like Deercreek are in high demand.

The limited inventory of homes makes it important to act quickly as homes come on the market. A professional realtor, like me, can help strategize with a buyer to present an offer which works for buyer and seller. The offer may include a cash offer, a full price offer or above, or a shortened inspection period or no inspections at all. All of these strategies are becoming more common in the real estate market.

There are only 3 homes currently on the market – 10113 Bishop Lake ($530,000), 8137 Suffield Ct ($669,000), and 8019 Weatherby Ct ($699,000). They have been on the market from 8 – 119 days. Nine homes are under contract, ranging in list price from $365,000 (10088 Heather Lake Rd W, after several price reductions) to $859,000 (9938 Deercreek Club Rd, under contract again). Nine homes have sold over the past 3 months (according to the 1/16/2021 NEFAR MLS). The homes have sold at 96% to 103% of the list price, and have been on the market between 2 and 87 days. The prices range from $371,000 (10075 Amherst Hills Ct) to $780,000 (10276 Cypress Lakes Rd).

Homes with updates, system upgrades, curb appeal and the right price are selling quickly! February may be the shortest month of the year, yet it offers opportunities for both buyers and sellers, even as we see small upticks in interest rates!

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