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Aug 1, 2020

August brings the start of school, yet not this year. Homes are on the market in Deercreek, yet not many. Only three homes are for sale! That is the lowest number since I became a realtor. Last month there were twelve homes for sale. One of the best things about Deercreek is many of its residents have connections prior to becoming neighbors, and alert friends and family to buying opportunities.

The three homes for sale (according to the 7/24/20 NEFMLS) are 8144 Suffield Ct (priced at $397,900), 9950 Blakeford Mill ($494,500), and 8205 Bay Tree ($549,900). These homes have been on the market from 4 to 161 days and range in size from 2119 square feet to 3694 square feet. Eleven homes are under contract, ranging in price from $395,000 to $599,995. These homes are priced from $120.82 per square foot to $179.58 per square foot.

Fifteen homes sold over the last 3 months. Ranging in price from $320,000 – $979,900, the homes were on the market on average 108 days, and sold for 94 – 103% of list price. Recent homes sold include 7815 Heather Lake ($320,000), 8019 Weatherby ($530,000), 10060 Watermark ($617,000) and 10289 Cypress Lakes ($700,000).

The value of homes in Deercreek remain stable, and often increase. The desirability of the community can be seen by the limited number of homes on the market. What makes a community desirable? Location, security, amenities, the people, and in the case of Deercreek, the Club and its facilities. Did you know that even if you are not a member, the Club has a positive impact on the value of your home? Why not consider asking a new neighbor to join the Club? After all, we all want the large investments we have in our homes to remain strong.

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