Real Estate News December 2022

Dec 1, 2022

The days are here and celebrating with family and friends is a special time. We slow down to appreciate family traditions. Home sales traditionally slow down, too, and this year is no different; however, homes are continuing to sell. Sellers are offering incentives to buyers with credits towards closing costs; credits to upgrades and repairs; or reduced prices. Cash buyers, unaffected by the rising interest rates are waiting for the right opportunity to buy watching for prices to come down. Even those financing a new home took advantage in the slight dip in the mortgage rates a couple of weeks ago. A total of five homes Sold in Deercreek over the past 3 months (according to the NEFMLS as of 11/23/22). The homes ranged in size from 2683-4214 square feet and sold for $651,500-$835,000. The latest to close is 8137 Suffield Ct, a 6 bedroom/5 bath home. Originally listed at $979,000, it sold for $760,000 after 47 days on the market. Three homes are For Sale in Deercreek. The homes range in size from 3169 – 3555 square feet and have been on the market from 19-99 days.
  • 10036 Watermark Ln listed at $759,900
  • 10110 Bishop Lake Rd listed at $775,000
  • 7921 Abington Hills listed at $829,000
Three homes are Under Contract. These homes range in size from 3084-4240 square feet and have been on the market from 5-117 days.
  • 9953 Watermark Ln listed at $999,500
  • 10234 Cypress Lakes, listed at $1,025,000
  • 7903 Vineyard Lake, listed at $699,700
There are a lot of unknowns in the real estate market with continuing inflation and high interest rates, yet opportunities exist for both buyers and sellers willing to be a bit creative. Opportunities exist in your personal life, too. Make new friends and traditions, it will keep you young. Keep the old traditions and relationships of the past, it will keep you grounded. Most of all, enjoy the holidays and all that it brings!
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