Over Height Vehicle Clearance System

Feb 19, 2020

Over the years, vehicles over the clearance height have struck the overhangs at the guardhouse. The impacts have happened in spite of several warning signs and the blinking light just before the guardhouse.

Given the possibility of the cumulative effect of these impacts, engineers verified the building’s structural integrity. However, the DCCOA Board of Directors is concerned about future incidents and their additional damage. Especially after the completion of the guardhouse renovation.

The Board researched extensively to identify a barrier system that is both effective and aesthetically acceptable. A decision was reached in the January Board meeting to purchase and install a device to detour future impacts. The device is the shape of an inverted “L” with the top bar spring-loaded, if struck by an over-height vehicle, it will swing with the impact, then return to its position with minimal damage to the vehicle. This device will be placed some distance from the guardhouse and will be painted in Deercreek colors. The anticipated install time frame is later this spring.

As we receive more information, we will pass it along. In the meantime, if you have questions, please contact Access Control or a member of the Board.

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