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Apr 11, 2023

The Deercreek web site www.deercreekcc.com has a wealth of information for all residents. Monthly social activities are listed as well as the community newsletter. Newsletters are sent via email as well as being included on the web site. If you are new to the community, you can search the web site for answers to many questions.

The top bar of the web via the ‘DCCOA’ drop down (accessible via ‘select page’ if viewing the mobile version) contains links to the current Board of Directors and officers along with contact information. Below the Board are the standing committees of the community along with monthly meeting dates and committee chairs and committee members along with contact information, mission statements, and policy and procedures for each committee. All residents are encouraged to volunteer for a committee of their choice. Although the covenants are part of closing documents, the covenants are included as well as the rules and regulations adopted by the Board. New residents are reminded to review this link to acquaint themselves with the rules of the community to preclude citations for infractions. The Architectural Review Board has a very comprehensive page that includes all pertinent information for residents who plan on making any changes to their home. It includes what is allowed, what is not, what is pre approved, what must be submitted for approval as well as application fees, deposits and more. Check it out before you start or think about a project.

Under the ‘Social’ drop down are some of the social groups in the community as well as a link to the country club. For newcomers the country club is a separate entity within the community. Questions regarding the country club facilities and property fall under the purvey of the Club’s General Manager John Fairall. The owner’s association and the country club continue to have a good working relationship.

Also included are links to various pages of local community interest.

So please take the time to visit the website and familiarize yourself with facts and information about your community.

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