Open Play for Pickleball Court One

Aug 28, 2023

Despite the soaring temperatures, we are happy to see ever increasing play on the pickleball courts. There are nearly 140 registered users who are Deercreek or Edgewater residents and/or Deercreek Country Club members.

With that in mind, you will now see a paddle rack on Court 1, which will simplify the Open Play rules for that court. The spirit of Open Play is simple:

  • All players are welcome and included in play
  • If anyone is waiting to join a game, players will rotate after ONE game.
  • Place your paddle in the rack, which will determine who is up next; then return your paddle to the rack and await your next turn.

Thank you for your voluntary cooperation in promoting the Open Play concept. Remember that if you want to play for an extended time with players of your choice, Courts 2 and 3 are available for reservations on Skedda. Pickleball is a great opportunity to have fun with your neighbors!

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