New Golf Cart Rules

Jul 31, 2023

Non-Golf Member Golf Cart Insurance Requirement

The Deercreek Home Owners Association Board of Directors has established the following requirement for resident Non-Golf Member golf carts effective October 1, 2023.

ALL GOLF CARTS driven on Deercreek Roads must be registered at the guardhouse along with proof of liability insurance. This requirement is already being met by Deercreek Country Club golf members’ golf carts as they are required to have the liability insurance in order to use their carts on the golf course. Their insurance is renewed January 1 of each year.

This new requirement is for all other (non-golf member) privately owned cart owners and is effective October 1, 2023. The Access Control Committee will be responsible for administering the process and specific details as to the registry process will be forthcoming in a separate email.

Resident non-golf member golf cart owners must purchase liability insurance for their golf cart in order to drive the golf carts on community roads.

• This insurance must be purchased and in effect no later than October 1, 2023 and renewed annually and in effect by October 1 of each succeeding year. Insurance purchased any other months will still need to be renewed and in effect October 1 of each year.
• Upon initially registering a golf cart at the guardhouse the resident will be required to provide a valid certificate of liability insurance coverage, perhaps a rider to a homeowner’s or auto policy, complete information relative to name, address, contact information and cart information.
• Upon completing that information and presenting valid documentation of the insurance being in effect, the resident will receive a colored sticker to place on the cart windshield and a numerical sticker to be placed on the back of the golf cart which will remain on the cart, and it will not have to be replaced each year. The stickers must always be visible on the cart.
• A different color insurance sticker will be issued for each year which must be displayed on the cart windshield.
• There will be a nominal charge for the stickers to cover their costs. After the first purchase ONLY the annual sticker must be purchased each year. The numerical sticker will remain on the cart for no fee unless it needs to be replaced for some reason.
• Failure to comply with the insurance requirement will be a $100 citation for each time the cart is observed being driven on the roads of Deercreek by the DCCOA guards. JSO officers will also enforce this requirement.
• All drivers of golf carts must be licensed as per the recently enacted Florida statute.
Thanks in advance for your efforts and cooperation in keeping Deercreek a safer neighborhood for everyone.

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