Make sure your house number is visible

Jun 18, 2022

Recently a Golf Course maintenance worker who was driving a cart experienced a medical issue causing the driver to lose control of his vehicle.

A resident witnessed this and attempted to call 911. When the dispatch person asked for the house number the resident looked at four homes to identify the location and house numbers were not visible. Finally, one number was spotted and relayed to the 911 dispatcher. The residents, Jay and Karen Mueller stayed with the worker until fire and rescue were on the scene.

However, this story could have had a different ending. Please review the condition of your house numbers to preclude a future incident. Next time it could be you.

Make sure your house numbers are clearly marked and free of shrubs and bushes. Although trucks are equipped with GPS, sometimes the location of the house is still not very clear. It is important to be prepared for all types of situations. 

From the ARB guidelines:
Yard and Wall Address Signs (No approval provided guidelines are met) Two styles and sizes are approved for yard signs: 8” x 15” oval, and 12” x 20” rectangle with a half circle at the top. Two stakes are required for the larger sign. Yard signs are to be placed in the landscape bed closest to the driveway and street so as to be readily visible from the street. All signs are to be cast aluminum with background colors of either dark green, black, bronze, or nickel/chrome. Letters are to be either gold, black, white, or nickel/chrome contrast with the background color. Wall signs are to measure 7.5” x 15”. No application is required provided the above specifications are met. Any deviations from the specifications will require an ARB application.

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