Loving our Lakes

Mar 25, 2021

Last year, amidst resident inquiries and concerns of unkempt lakes, the Common Property committee underwent a review of its service plan and needs. This included evaluating the current contract provisions from Solitude Lake and interviewing and accepting bids from other potential providers: Lake & Wetland Management, Florida Waterways, and Arbor True.

Throughout the process we discovered that 2020 was a particularly harsh year for Florida lakes and the habitat was impacted a great deal. In addition, our current contract was under-manned. Solitude was experiencing manpower challenges which limited regular maintenance and reporting. Also, fun fact, Deercreek has 41 lakes which is a very high number compared to other local communities.

Floridian Property Management (FPM) partnered to provide oversight and set direction on the following service priorities:

  1. Treating technique and equipment
  2. Vendor communication with management company and owners
  3. Consistency and frequency of reporting
  4. Staffing assigned and knowledge
  5. Cost

After careful consideration of these combined factors, the committee made the decision to renew our contract with Solitude Lake and ensure:

  • Detailed monthly reporting is submitted to and reviewed by FPM and Common Property
  • Adequate, knowledgeable staff are provided to service our large number of lakes
  • Regular inspection rides are conducted with FPM and Common Property
  • New technology is considered and implemented where it adds value

Common Property’s goal is to ensure the health, beauty, safety, and vibrance of our lakes in order to protect our wildlife, provide a good natural feel in the community, and maintain great property values. We have begun to receive diagnostic reports including maintenance plans from Solitude Lake and will continue to keep our residents educated and informed by periodically sharing information and progress in the Deercreek newsletter. If you have questions regarding lake maintenance, please send an inquiry to FPM and again, we will address your concerns.

Thank you!

Parrinder Terry

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