Loving our Lakes

May 24, 2021

The Common Property committee has been quite busy since our last update. We have participated in rides with our Solitude technician in order engage in an active dialogue about the lake maintenance plan. In addition, we have reviewed the Deercreek Waterway Inspection Report submitted by Solitude and forwarded by Floridian Property Management. This detailed report provides information on each site’s condition, complete with pictures. Both the rides and the reporting provide a good starting point for us to track progress and identify trends.

Solitude makes a minimum of 8 visits per month to Deercreek to maintain our lakes. Each of our 41 sites is unique in its makeup and the most effective plan for each is implemented as determined by our Solitude professional. A variety of safe and effective methods are used to ensure the health and beauty of each site. We’d like to share a few tidbits on common maintenance items and treatment approaches as captured from the Deercreek Waterway Inspection Report.

Aquatic Vegetation – During the ride it was pointed out that Deercreek has a good bit of aquatic vegetation. Aquatic vegetation is treated with a variety of methods including systemic herbicides and direct contact. During the colder months with shorter days fortunately, there is not as much growth.

Shoreline Grasses – Grasses are sprayed if they enter the water. Banks are not sprayed in order to mitigate erosion. Much attention is given to invasive grasses as they grow quickly and are more difficult to control.

Algae – Blue dye is used for both aesthetics and algal bloom prevention. Dye limits the attenuation of light through water which minimizes both the depth at which vegetation grows and the amount of algae formation on the bottom of the ponds.

Lake maintenance is as much an art as it is a science therefore our partnership is key. As promised, the Common Property committee is doing our part to maintain communication with Solitude and Floridian Property Management; and to keep our residents educated and informed. Below is a map of Deercreek Waterways as shared in Solitude’s report.

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