Looking for an alternate CPAC representative- Are you interested?

Feb 19, 2020

The primary purpose of the Citizens Planning Advisory Council (CPAC) is a link between local neighborhoods/ organizations to the city and the link from the city to the various neighborhoods/organizations. CPACS have open communication that impact the operations of their neighborhood from land use and zoning, economic development, transportation and so much more. CPACS help to identify local concerns and offer solutions, as well as making major recommendations in developing plans relevant to the city and its communities. CPACS serve in an advisory capacity.

There are six planning districts within Jacksonville ours being District 3-Southeast, that meet monthly, the fourth Monday of each month at the NEFAR office at the entrance road to Deercreek Club Road. Citizens are encouraged to attend at any time and learn about their local community. 

The Deercreek Homeowners Association (HOA) is registered with the City of Jacksonville (COJ) Neighborhoods Department as well as being a member of the District 3 CPAC. The advantage of being a member of CPAC and being registered with the Neighborhoods Department is that the HOA can participate in programs offered by the city. We are pleased to announce that COJ approved preliminary funding of $5000 through their Neighborhood matching grant program to Deercreek. More to follow on that subject when finalized.  

For the last three years Pete Gentry was one of the two representatives for our HOA. In addition, Pete served as the Chair of the Land Use and Zoning for the CPAC subcommittee. We thank Pete for his service as our representative. With that being said if anyone is interested in serving as an alternate CPAC member please contact Carol D’Onofrio at caroladonofrio@gmail.com. For additional information go www.coj.net/CPACS or contact our Neighborhood Coordinator for District 3 Rosemary Wesolowski at rosemary@coj.net or 904-255—8261.


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