Landscape Tips – July 2024 What our The View Author has Learned in Doing Battle with the Deer for 30 Years

Jun 24, 2024

Peter and Louise Gentry
10109 Bishop Lake Rd W

In our front yard:

Foundation Shrubs – initial planting of pittosporums all eaten by deer during first 10 years. Replaced with azaleas, eaten by deer and barely hanging on now.

Pots – 4 large containers with pentas, caladiums, pothos vine, anchored by a tall dracena – some nibbling by the deer.

Front Door – Begonias, sprayed and covered at night (deer love them). Bring them inside when going out of town.

Walkway – Boxwood, irises, palms all okay. Also have white azaleas, which the deer love, only get blooms on the tip top of the plants.

Front – Ginger, mini azaleas and holly all okay; planted lots of aloe cacti in front of plants to deter deer, seems to be working.

In the backyard (fenced in pool and deer proof garden):
Jatropha – Large bush with red flowers; neighbors’ bushes have survived for years. However, a small cutting planted near the fence has been nibbled (deer like tender young plants of all kinds).

Bananas – Thriving inside and outside our fence.

Hibiscus – Doing well inside the fence, though would not try out front.

Plumbagos – Blue and white varieties. Very colorful, Would not plant out front.

Sunshine Ligustrum – Not bothered by deer and healthy, super bright yellow.

Angel Trumpet – Looks delicate but bloom well.

Beds by pool – Vinca grows like a weed, along with lavender, impatiens and red feather celosia. Grows great inside fence, if outside, would be dessert for the deer.

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