Kitten Rescue Adoptions Available

Oct 27, 2021

Kitten season is year around here in Florida. A female cat can have four litters a year. And of course, the kittens can produce other kittens in six months. Kittens/teenage kitties/one-year-old kitties can populate an area in Deercreek very quickly. We cannot trap young kittens and drop them off at any shelters here in town until they are at least 8 weeks old. By that time, the kittens are fully into their feral means of surviving. And it’s so difficult to get them accepting of human love and be adopted.
Our TNR (trap-neuter-return) program works well with adult cats. Once our residents alert us where adult outdoor cats are, we are at the location within a week to trap with the okay from the owner. We will take the cats to the vet for neutering/spaying and then release them back to their feeder. When we started the Deercreek TNR program in 2020, we knew we would discover kittens, and we did. We had to release young kittens in our traps since we had no way of taking care of them. A very hard decision to make. Immediately, we started learning and making plans to help these innocent fur babies. That’s when we organized DEERCREEK KITTEN RESCUE. When we trap kittens, they live with us, learn human voices, learn strange noises and learn to accept human touch and love. Thanks to our residents, our Kitten Rescue receives food, litter, and support for our rescue.
But we NOW need your help in getting these fur babies ADOPTED. Contact all your kitty-loving family and friends to let them know about the kittens. The kittens are around 8-9 weeks old. Here are their bios:
On the “gotcha day”, Shyloh was the runt. Smaller than the others; very hissy and terrified. He has a Mickey Ears pattern on his front left paw and a round “belly button” black spot on his white belly. He now loves to ride on our shoulders, sleeps in our arms, loves his brush, and his belly rubbed.

He was the biggest kitten in this group. He is a gray tabby so hence the name Smokie. He is a very “easy-going” kitten. I haven’t had the need to really work with this kitten to get ready for adoption since he is so laid back. He’s our biggest purr baby, too!

SASSY: Female.
Sassy won her name due to her sassiness! She was the loudest to growl, hiss, and spit at us. She was terrified of human contact. She would even growl at the food dish kitten siblings came close to her food. Now, there is no growling. And she hasn’t hissed at us in a couple of weeks. She will hiss at new humans if they come toward her. But once she learns your love and voice, she will be your adorable kitten.

SOFIE: Female.
Although she was an hisser in the beginning, Sofie is a sweet kitten with a sweet face. She does have a Yoda face with black eyes and flat ears when she’s had enough kitty playing or when taking her kitten meds. I love that face, too. Sofie has a faint white spot between her eyes and mostly white feet with brown bottoms. So cute to watch her walk. Both these females respond to brushing and it puts them to sleep while in your lap. Sofie responds with purring when getting brushed. A recent wow moment: Sofie perched on the back of a lounge chair eventually went to sleep in the middle of kids playing with the other kittens. I was so happy and proud.

These kittens are going to be fully vetted. They have had shots with another round of vaccinations coming up in a couple of days. Their neuter and spay appointments are on October 30th. Then they will be ready for you to love. Remember, Deercreek residents support this mission and the amount of time we work with socializing kittens is very important to us and we will not let just anyone adopt these kittens. Vet reference or friend reference may be requested of you. Interested? Or if a friend is interested in adopting? Contact us at

Also, let us know if you are interested in volunteering for our TNR program. We trap very early in the morning around daybreak, usually Monday-Thursday. We transport trapped kitties north of downtown and do the pickup. Knowing the female cats will never have litters of kittens and the male cats will never want to wander or fight is the REWARD.

JR & Karen Miracle and Sandy Hunt, your Deercreek Kitten Rescue Team


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