January 2020 Board of Directors Meeting Highlights

Feb 20, 2020

The Board of Directors of the Deercreek Country Club Owners Association held its regularly scheduled meeting January 30th at 6:00 PM.

Board Members attending were:

Christine Bell, Heather Cole, Phil Grosnick, Steve Milkey, Carol D’Onofrio, Fiaz Sindhu, Don Gibbens, Justin Bateh and Gene Curtin.

Key topics included:

The Board modified its prior vote regarding the crash bar to be placed in the island in front of the guardhouse. The crash bar will now have a swivel arm at the top.

Sidewalk Repair Update – Steve Milkey discussed that phase one of common property sidewalk repair is finishing up and phase two will be starting shortly.

A landscape RFP draft will be prepared for the Common Property Committee and DCCOA Board by Floridan Property Management by March 1, 2020. The current contract expires at year end.

Interior and exterior guardhouse repairs are currently in process. The electrical work is completed and painting in its final stages.

Property management modified the Comcast phone service agreement for the guardhouse for a slight discount from $175.75 to $153.25.

The Board voted the following as officers for the board of directors for 2020.

Christine Bell – President
Gene Curtin – Vice President
Don Gibbons – Secretary
Carol D’Onofrio – Treasurer
The following Board liaison appointments were made: Phil Grosnick – Covenant Enforcement Committee and Fiaz Sindhu – Finance.

The Board discussed the requirement that Edgewater have the same property management company for uniformity on issues such as the architectural review board. The Board is to research further action.

The Communications Committee will assist in migrating the Deercreek website to a new platform.

Full minutes will be posted to the website after approval at the February 27th Board Meeting.

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