It is your home, your community…

Mar 30, 2023

“Community,” as per one of Webster’s Dictionary definitions – “Common sharing, participation or ownership.” Deercreek is a community of approximately 750 residences with a population base of over 1,000 adults.

As residents and property owners we chose Deercreek as our home because of the security, the attractiveness, convenience and of course one’s personal dwelling. With that come the neighbors, the friendships and the community. As a side note many people have chosen to remain in Deercreek either upsizing or downsizing, several residents moved due to job relocation but eventually found their way back and returned to Deercreek. These reasons define Deercreek.

The current Board of Directors wants to continue to make Deercreek the premier community it is and want to keep that sense of community instilled in each homeowner. We need your help – we need volunteers step up to the plate to assist in the various committees that will help to maintain and develop the community. Volunteers are needed to either chair a committee or be on a committee. The committees meet once a month. Briefly, the following are the established committees and their functions. Detailed mission statements and policies and procedures are included on the Deercreek web site

Access Control is responsible for all guard house functions, safety and security within the gate, the confines of Deercreek.

The Architectural Review Board is responsible for preserving the aesthetics of the community by ensuring that new construction and renovations and maintenance are in conformance with established guidelines

Common Property is responsible for the common areas of the entire community, including lakes, front entrance, sidewalks and playground areas. The committee ensures that the aesthetics of the common areas are maintained in a pristine manner.

Communications, the heartbeat of the community, is responsible for the newsletter, web site, resident directory, welcome committee, and sign board and ensures that all communication regarding the community is distributed in a timely manner.

Covenants Enforcement serves as a hearing Board for residents in violation of the covenants of the community. The committee members review citations and determine enforceability of the violation and fees.

Finance develops a budget for the community and ensures that committees are fiscally in conformance. The committee works together in ensuring sound financial principles and developing financial strategies for the community.

Recreation Committee – This committee is responsible for the playground area, basketball court, volleyball court and the new pickleball courts. It is with renewed interest that the recreational activities are reenergized.

We invite each resident to attend a Board or committee meeting to have a better understanding of the workings of the DCCOA Board and its committees. Consider joining a committee that will suit your interest or expertise. Please feel free to contact any Board of Directors or committee member should you have any questions. A list of all meeting dates as well as Board and Committee member personnel along with their phone numbers are included in this newsletter.

Remember, a vibrant community depends on the involvement of its members – the common sharing, active participation and ownership of all Deercreek residents. This is your community! WE NEED YOU –PLEASE CONSIDER HELPING YOUR COMMUNITY!

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